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Title Winners Announcement : Subscription Event of Visit Busan Newsletter

Winners Announcement : Subscription Event of Visit Busan Newsletter

Winners’ guide

- The winner list is included the name and email address that participated in the event.

- The serial number of the Amazon gift card will be emailed to the winners.

- The gift card can only be used at

- Prizes will be sent according to the provided personal information. VisitBusan will not be responsible for any causes that may occur due to incorrect personal information.

A○○d Rehman(rehmanah****, B○○apan(bakapan****, D○○dar Ahmed(ahmeddilda****,

f○○ fok(fokfoklag****, G○○ Bah(bahgh****, H○○at Khan (khanhayat****,

H○○ly Nelson (bfdb****, J○○aid Khan(khanjuna****,L○○e Life(life6****,

L○○inda Calinawagan(renegades1****, L○○is gabriel (louisgabri****, M○○ Akash(vbvv****,

M○○ Anne Doria(doriamayan****, M○○esh Jain(mahesh****, M○○Forhad(ilmi****,

M○○kowski Trisha(njo5****,N○○uya(nahuya.****, O○○er Way(otherw****,

P○○ SrinivasaReddy(pila****, P○○arendra(reddyp****,P○○Sridevi(pand****,

R○○aldo P(ronaldoplay****, R○○aldo Player(playerronal****, R○○ni(raani****,

S○○an Ayesh(ayesh****, S○○ema(sheem****, S○○etjen Kazuyaeh (wmdwm****,

S○○mer Alam(summera****,엄○정(mjhong****, 이○수(mint****

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