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Gamcheon Culture Village

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Colorful roofs that seem to touch the sky, A warmth that covers the whole village, here is Gamcheon Culture Village in Busan.

BTS Pilgrimage to Jungkook’s Hometown, Mandeok-dong, Busan

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BTS: Famous for having 3 no. 1 albums in less than a year on the Billboard charts as of November 2019! Even if you’re not familiar with K-pop idols, you must have heard of BTS, whose members have a special relationship with Busan. This is because Jimin and Jungkook of this seven-person idol group come from Busan. Today, you can follow the memories and traces of Jungkook, the youngest member of the BTS, who spent his childhood in Mandeok-dong. It would also be great to listen to one of BTS’s songs associated with each destination. Jungkook Tour Course Baekyang Elementary School - Baekyang Middle School - Mandeok Lego Village - Mandeok Duck Folk Village - Seokbulsa Temple

All Aboard the Romantic Haeundae Beach Train on Busan Green Railway Trail

Number of clicks64,958   Number of reviews15   좋아요37
** This content was filmed in compliance with COVID-19 quarantine guidelines. Imagine a trail by a railway track where the blue seas and open skies greet you. Romantic, isn’t it? Treat yourself to a retro view of the Busan Green Railway walking trail, and catch the beach train whipping past with a merry whistle. This is the best place for a therapeutic walk in Busan. Busan Green Railway’s Entire Section Haeundae Olympic Junction Busan National Mechanical Technical High School Former Haeundae Station Mipo Port Dalmaji Park Cheongsapo Port Gudeokpo Port Former Songjeong Station East Busan Tourism Complex Today’s Trail Route: Mipo Port – Haeundae Beach Train Mipo Station – Dalmaji Tunnel – Cheongsapo Port – Cheongsapo Daritdol Observatory – Gudeokpo Port – Songjeong

Haeundae Beach: The Busan representative

Number of clicks46,650   Number of reviews31   좋아요26
When people mention Busan, the first thing that comes to mind is the sea! Among Busan’s various beaches, Haeundae Beach is the best-known destination. Not only in summer but all year round, Haeundae Beach attracts a multitude of tourists seeking the dynamic atmosphere of Busan.

Igidae Coastal Trail the best hiking trail in Busan

Number of clicks45,380   Number of reviews8   좋아요20
“Igidae” refers to the beautiful bedrocks consisting of delicate rocks in the eastern sea that the Jangsanbong Peak of Yongho-dong, Nam-gu, faces. The name “Igidae” stands for the two gisaeng (female professional entertainers in Korean) from the Suyeong district who sacrificed their lives. During the Japanese invasion in Korea, when Japan conquered Suyeongseong Fortress and held a feast to celebrate their victory, two gisaeng, who are taken to the feast, grabbed a drunken Japanese commander and jumped into the sea. The Igidae area was once closed for military operation reasons, but since 1993, it has been open to the public. At present, it contains dense forests that are difficult to meet in urban areas and is kept clean to serve as habitats for wildlife. Because of its clear water, the place is perfect for fishing.

Gwangalli offers a spectacular view at night.

Number of clicks39,196   Number of reviews21   좋아요11
Gwangalli Beach is a famous beach and one of Busan’s representative hot spots together with Gwangandaegyo Bridge. It is the closest beach to the city center and also a trendy meeting place for Busan’s youth. Along with its white sandy beach, Gwangalli is filled with diverse attractions such as restaurants serving delicious foods, coffee shops with an open view of the sea, exotic stores hidden in alleyways, and the Namcheon-dong Cherry Blossom Street, which shines with pink cherry blossoms in spring.

Huinnyeoul Culture Village at the end of the steep cliff

Number of clicks39,103   Number of reviews11   좋아요14
Above the steep wall of the Jeoryeong Coastal Trail is a unique view of the village, where you can see small houses clustered along the narrow alley formed by the coast at the end of the cliff. This is where the sorrowful lives of refugees began and where the current cultural village community of Huinnyeoul Culture Village has been established.

The three major skywalks of Busan: Oryukdo, Songdo, and Cheongsapo

Number of clicks38,972   Number of reviews7   좋아요18
The Busan Sea, encountered between sandy beaches and coastal roads, offers a special view of the ocean. Walk along the three major skywalks of Busan to enjoy the sky and ocean from high above.

Staying in Nampo-dong, the mecca of Busan trip

Number of clicks33,817   Number of reviews7   좋아요17
Every day of the week, Nampo-dong is a place crowded with people where you can experience the energy of Busan early in the morning. A major urban district, the neighborhood has a park, a department store, a traditional market, and major tourist attractions, making it a hot place for locals, tourists, and foreigners alike. Locals collectively refer to Gwangbok-dong, Nampo-dong, and Bupyeong-dong as “Nampo-dong.” As the area is large, you may have to spend an entire day or even longer to enjoy every part of Nampo-dong. Plan ahead to minimize the travel time. Let us learn about how to best enjoy Nampo-dong.

Hocheon Village is famous for the K-drama “Fight for My Way” and wall paintings of tigers

Number of clicks32,693   Number of reviews9   좋아요11
Places around mountainside roads are counted among the unique attractions of Busan, and the most famous is Gamcheon Culture Village. Hocheon Village is also one of them, widely known as the location for the K-drama “Fight for My Way.” In the old days, tigers were said to frequently roam the mountain’s rough and irregular sides. Now, they’re gone, but the hillside is dotted with clusters of households with orange-warm street lamps that illuminate the alleys.

Songdo Yonggung Suspension Bridge

Number of clicks32,453   Number of reviews17   좋아요22
You have probably heard of Songdo Beach in Busan which is the first beach in Korea. This well-known beach has been reorganized and reborn as the new hot spot of Busan. Songdo Beach is known for its four famous sites names the Songdo Cloud Trails, Busan Air Cruise, Songdo Coastal Trail, and Songdo Yonggung Suspension Bridge. Today, we would like to introduce to you the Songdo Yonggung Suspension Bridge that is getting popularity on social media.

Enjoy driving in Busan!

Number of clicks31,873   Number of reviews1   좋아요2
A Busan coastal drive Course 1: Gwangalli Beach – Haeundae Beach – Dalmajigil Road – Songjeong Beach – Daebyeonhang Port – Jukseong Catholic Church Course 2: Taejongdae Park – Namhangdaegyo Bridge – Songdo Beach – Dadaepo Beach A romantic drive on the mountainside road Course: Leejungseop View Point – Yoo Chihwan Postbox – Jungang Park – Ebagu Archive Center

Bupyeong Kkangtong Market, the mecca of restaurants in Busan

Number of clicks28,970   Number of reviews3   좋아요6
Bupyeong Kkangtong Market is a place that attracts visitors with its delicious aroma coming from the alley’s entrance, which gets even more delightful at night. Bupyeong Kkangtong Market is right next to Gukje Market. Walk around Nampo-dong to go back and forth between Gukje Market and Bupyeong Kkangtong Market. The biggest difference is that Gukje Market is the kind of place that “has it all,” while the Bupyeong Kkangtong Market is a food market.

Choryang Ibagu-gil, yesterday’s memories blossoming into stories

Number of clicks28,477   Number of reviews4   좋아요4
Houses are packed on the midslope of the mountains surrounding Busanhang Port. Refugees who left their hometowns to come to Busan climbed up the mountains to build the villages. As long as there was work, people would go up and down 168 Stairs multiple times a day to the dock, station, and Gukje Market. Let’s go see Choryang Ibagu-gil, a storytelling path narrated by people who did not even speak the Gyeongsang-do Province dialect. Choryang Ibagu-gil Former Baekje Hospital - Namseon Warehouse Site – Choryang Church - 168 Stairs - Kim Min-bu Observatory - Ebagu Archive Center - Chang Kee-ryo Memorial Hall - Yoo Chi-hwan Postbox Observatory

The starting point of Korea’s surfing, Busan Surfing!

Number of clicks28,182   Number of reviews9   좋아요22
Surfing cleaving the waves is becoming a popular activity for leisure and sports. According to the Korea Surfing Association, the population of surfers has more than quadrupled in just three years. Introduced to Korea in 1995, surfing has become popular in the country for the last few years. The starting point of surfing is Busan!

The reborn of Songdo Beach after 100 years

Number of clicks27,536   Number of reviews6   좋아요11
The elderly’s beach destination back in the day is transformed into a hot spot for the youth! Let’s check out Songdo Beach, the trending hot spot on social media. Opened in 1913, Songdo Beach is the first beach in Korea. After its golden period in the 1960s and 1970s, the beach became deserted. Those who wished to bring it back to its former beauty joined forces to repair the abandoned beach, making it even more breathtaking than it was in its heyday. With its spotless sandy beach, clear water, cloud trails, and an overwater cable car, Songdo Beach is once again a popular tourist destination receiving over five million visitors per year.
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