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BTS Pilgrimage to Jungkook’s Hometown, Mandeok-dong, Busan

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BTS: Famous for having 3 no. 1 albums in less than a year on the Billboard charts as of November 2019! Even if you’re not familiar with K-pop idols, you must have heard of BTS, whose members have a special relationship with Busan. This is because Jimin and Jungkook of this seven-person idol group come from Busan. Today, you can follow the memories and traces of Jungkook, the youngest member of the BTS, who spent his childhood in Mandeok-dong. It would also be great to listen to one of BTS’s songs associated with each destination. Jungkook Tour Course Baekyang Elementary School - Baekyang Middle School - Mandeok Lego Village - Mandeok Duck Folk Village - Seokbulsa Temple
Busan > Buk-gu

Haeundae Beach: The Busan representative

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When people mention Busan, the first thing that comes to mind is the sea! Among Busan’s various beaches, Haeundae Beach is the best-known destination. Not only in summer but all year round, Haeundae Beach attracts a multitude of tourists seeking the dynamic atmosphere of Busan.
Busan > Haeundae-gu

Gwangalli offers a spectacular view at night.

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Gwangalli Beach is a famous beach and one of Busan’s representative hot spots together with Gwangandaegyo Bridge. It is the closest beach to the city center and also a trendy meeting place for Busan’s youth. Along with its white sandy beach, Gwangalli is filled with diverse attractions such as restaurants serving delicious foods, coffee shops with an open view of the sea, exotic stores hidden in alleyways, and the Namcheon-dong Cherry Blossom Street, which shines with pink cherry blossoms in spring.
Busan > Suyeong-gu

Huinnyeoul Culture Village at the end of the steep cliff

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Above the steep wall of the Jeoryeong Coastal Trail is a unique view of the village, where you can see small houses clustered along the narrow alley formed by the coast at the end of the cliff. This is where the sorrowful lives of refugees began and where the current cultural village community of Huinnyeoul Culture Village has been established.
Busan > Yeongdo-gu

Mastering Busan in Three Days

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Recommended Itinerary First day: Beomeosa Temple – Dongnaeeupseong Walled Town – Bokcheon Museum / Ancient Tombs in Bokcheon-dong – Jukseong Catholic Church – Haedong Yonggungsa Temple – Songjeong Beach / Jukdo Park Second day: Haeundae Beach/Dongbaekseom Island – Gwangalli Beach – Oryukdo Islets – Taejongdae Park – Yeongdodaegyo Bridge – Yongdusan Park Third day: Gamcheon Culture Village – Songdo Beach / Cable Car – Dadaepo Beach – Jangnim Port – Eulsukdo Island – Gadeokdo Island First day Beomeosa Temple Dongnaeeupseong Walled Town Bokcheon Museum / Ancient Tombs in Bokcheon-dong Jukseong Catholic Church Haedong Yonggungsa Temple Songjeong Beach / Jukdo Park
Busan > Geumjeong-gu

Gamcheon Culture Village, the Machu Picchu of Korea

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Colorful roofs that seem to touch the sky, A warmth that covers the whole village. Gamcheon Culture Village is the Machu Picchu of Korea.
Busan > Saha-gu

Choryang Ibagu-gil, yesterday’s memories blossoming into stories

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Houses are packed on the midslope of the mountains surrounding Busanhang Port. Refugees who left their hometowns to come to Busan climbed up the mountains to build the villages. As long as there was work, people would go up and down 168 Stairs multiple times a day to the dock, station, and Gukje Market. Let’s go see Choryang Ibagu-gil, a storytelling path narrated by people who did not even speak the Gyeongsang-do Province dialect. Choryang Ibagu-gil Former Baekje Hospital - Namseon Warehouse Site – Choryang Church - 168 Stairs - Kim Min-bu Observatory - Ebagu Archive Center - Chang Kee-ryo Memorial Hall - Yoo Chi-hwan Postbox Observatory
Busan > Dong-gu

Enjoy driving in Busan!

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A Busan coastal drive Course 1: Gwangalli Beach – Haeundae Beach – Dalmajigil Road – Songjeong Beach – Daebyeonhang Port – Jukseong Catholic Church Course 2: Taejongdae Park – Namhangdaegyo Bridge – Songdo Beach – Dadaepo Beach A romantic drive on the mountainside road Course: Leejungseop View Point – Yoo Chihwan Postbox – Jungang Park – Ebagu Archive Center
Busan > Suyeong-gu

The reborn of Songdo Beach after 100 years

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The elderly’s beach destination back in the day is transformed into a hot spot for the youth! Let’s check out Songdo Beach, the trending hot spot on social media. Opened in 1913, Songdo Beach is the first beach in Korea. After its golden period in the 1960s and 1970s, the beach became deserted. Those who wished to bring it back to its former beauty joined forces to repair the abandoned beach, making it even more breathtaking than it was in its heyday. With its spotless sandy beach, clear water, cloud trails, and an overwater cable car, Songdo Beach is once again a popular tourist destination receiving over five million visitors per year.
Busan > Seo-gu

Taejongdae Park’s 100 years of history with Yeongdo Lighthouse

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This place allows you to walk along the green forest path and view the blue ocean simultaneously. The multicolored rocky coast boasts its beauty formed by years of crashing waves. We’re talking about Taejongdae Park at the southern end of Yeongdo, Busan. Taejongdae was named after King Taejong Muyeol of Silla, who used to stop by the region and practice archery as he was mesmerized by the beauty of the landscape. Taejongdae Park, where unique rocks are formed and visitors are greeted by the dense forest surrounded by the deep blue ocean, is a leading travel destination in Korea.
Busan > Yeongdo-gu

Scenic Spots of Busan Perfect for Car-Camping (Car-Picnicking)

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Allow me to introduce you to a simple way to go out using minimal equipment at a time when traveling is not really an option. I’m talking about car-camping and car-picnicking. Sleeping inside the car without a tent and picnicking in the car are new ways to enjoy travel as long as you can find a place to park the car. The great thing about these two traveling methods is that you can simply enjoy nature in your own space without anyone to interfere. Let’s head over to the hidden gems of Busan where you can enjoy car-camping (car-picnicking) and take photos of lasting memories.
Busan > Gijang-gun

The unique view of the Gijang Ocean at Jukseong Catholic Church

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The ocean of Gijang that retains the emerald color of the East Sea is a location visited by many people. On sunny or cloudy days, it is a great location for driving along the coast, where romantic cafés offer a great view. Visitors always stop by the Jukseong Catholic Church in Gijang.
Busan > Gijang-gun

The three major skywalks of Busan: Oryukdo, Songdo, and Cheongsapo

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The Busan Sea, encountered between sandy beaches and coastal roads, offers a special view of the ocean. Walk along the three major skywalks of Busan to enjoy the sky and ocean from high above.
Busan > Nam-gu

Walk on Galmaetgil Trails while enjoying the gorgeous view of the ocean

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Galmaetgil Trails, containing the charms of the ocean, river, mountain, and hot springs of Busan, are pleasant roads that feature the history, culture, and festivals of Busan. Walk on the nine courses, including the coastal trail, forest trail, riverside trail, and urban trail, to learn all about Busan. Course 1 Section 1-1, 12.2 km / 4 hr: Imnang Beach – Gijang-gun Office Section 1-2, 21.4 km / 6 hr: Gijang-gun Office – Moontan Road Course 2 Section 2-1, 5.7 km / 2 hr: Moontan Road – Millakgyo Bridge Section 2-2, 12.6 km / 4 hr: Millakgyo Bridge – Oryukdo Ferry Dock Course 3 Section 3-1, 11.5 km / 4 hr: Oryukdo Ferry Dock – Busanjin Market Section 3-2, 15.8 km / 5 hr: Busanjin Market – Namhangdaegyo Bridge Section 3-3, 13.7 km / 5 hr: Namhangdaegyo Bridge – Dongsam Innovation District
Busan > Gijang-gun

Ami-dong Tombstone Culture Village, home to graveyards

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The Ami-dong Tombstone Culture Village is across the road from Gamcheon Culture Village. It is one of the mountainous villages that grew busy because of the increasing visitors during the mountainside road renaissance. During the Korean War, refugees embarked on a journey with nothing but basic household items. The civic officers handed out a small note to refugees who congregated to Busan Station that contained the following short address. “San 19-beonji, Ami-dong.” This was the beginning of the Ami-dong Tombstone Culture Village where they will make their home.
Busan > Seo-gu

A trip to Busan’s southernmost region; from Yeongdo Island to Dadaepo

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Recommended Itinerary Yeongdodaegyo Bridge - Huinnyeoul Culture Village - Taejongdae Park - Korea National Maritime Museum - Gamcheon Culture Village - Songdo Beach - Amisan Observatory - Dadaepo Beach
Busan > Jung-gu

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