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A special space where you become the protagonist, Busan Museum of Movies (feat. Trick Eye Museum Busan)

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“Spring” has arrived in the cinematic city of Busan. Busan Museum of Movies (BOM) is a cinematic experience hall where you can see, feel, and enjoy everything about movies. Each year, the Busan International Film Festival is held in Busan, a city perfect for filming great movies. Now, it offers a space that allows people to enjoy various experience-based contents related to filming.

Samnak Eco Park with different charms throughout the four seasons

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Samnak Eco Park is located on the large Samnak-dong riverside near the stem of the peacefully running Nakdonggang River. It reaches 4,722,000 m2, attracting people with its changing charms between seasons. In particular, the park that functions as the lungs of Busan provides an opportunity to observe diverse vegetation, including wetlands. You can directly experience each characteristic of this natural ecosystem from a cherry blossom colony and common reed complex, to a wildflower colony, making you realize how to preserve and manage our ecosystem.

Munhwa Gonggam Sujeong and Choryang 1941, where old stories remain

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Dong-gu is a town where the seed of Busan’s modern and contemporary history has spread and blossomed into stories. If you follow the trail that embodies the stories, you will reach Munhwa Gonggam Sujeong. Munhwa Gonggam Sujeong was originally called Jeongnangak House . The building was built in 1943, during the Japanese occupation, following the traditional Japanese housing style. Thanks to its unique charm, this space has been used as the setting for many films such as the Nameless Gangster: Rules of the Time and General’s Son as well as music videos, including IU’s “Night Letter.”

Korea National Maritime Museum, the Flower of Maritime Culture

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Busan equals ocean, and ocean equals Busan. But how much do we actually know about the oceans of Korea? The Korea National Maritime Museum, where stories of all oceans around the world begin, connects the past, present, and future of the ocean.

A tour of lighthouses and reliable guards in Busan

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A lighthouse acts as a signal light for inbound and outbound ships to ensure their safe sailing. Recently, because of its distinctive exterior, it has become not only a unique spot but also a must-visit place for tourists. In Busan, surrounded by the East and South Seas, why not begin a tour by searching unique lighthouses?

Healing through walking, Jeoryeong Coastal Trail

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Busan is known for its ocean! Have you been to many beaches? If you want to enjoy the unique charm of Busan’s sea, try the Jeoryeong Coastal Trail!

Yeongdodaegyo Bridge, a space of promises and tears

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While moments spent at Yeongdo Bridge no longer remain, there are still people who tear up just by thinking about the old days. This space was where people separated from their families during the war swore to survive and meet at Yeongdo Bridge. Written as Yeongdodaegyo Bridge and read as Yeongdo Bridge.

Walk around Hoedong Reservoir, a place that embraces eternal nature

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The Hoedong Reservoir is a large area that combines rivers, lakes, and forests. It has long been untouched by people and, thus, expresses an intact nature. Its two trails, Ttangmoesan Mountain Red Clay Forest Trail and Galmaetgil Trail, and its hinoki cypress forest are famous “healing spots” beloved by many city dwellers who love to walk in the woods.

A small world as diverse as the aroma of a coffee, Jeonpo Café Street and Jeollidangil Street!

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Jeonpo Cafe Street became more famous after being selected in The New York Times’ 52 World Destinations of the Year in 2017. Connected to the street, Jeollidangil Street is lined with alleys of different colors. The deserts and coffees of the shops filling the narrow alleys are as diverse as their colorful buildings. You can also enjoy various food in Jeonpo Café Street and Jeollidangil Street. Walking along Seomyeon Street, Busan’s busiest street, you’ll find a school building and playground called “Norimaru.” Once you arrive at this place, you’re near. Take a look at the buildings next to it, and you’ll notice Jeonpo Cafe Street.

Busan Aquarium, where you can see, smell, hear, and feel the sea

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Haeundae Beach first comes to mind when people think about Busan. However, if you find the sun-drenched and hot white sand a bit burdensome, or if you prefer a cool breeze of an air-conditioner indoors,you can visit Busan Aquarium in Haeundae Beach, where you will surely enjoy your holiday. Sea Life Busan Aquarium introduces you to the incredible world of more than 10,000 marine creatures with over 250 species. It presents a spectacular sight consisting of 8 theme zones, an 80m long submarine tunnel, and 2 main aquariums.

Meet the provisional capital, Busan

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Meet the provisional capital, Busan. Provisional Capital Memorial Hall, the trace of the Korean War. Shortly after the breakout of the Korean War—the nation’s biggest tragedy—on June 25, 1950, the government organizations, including the president, moved to Busan, which became a provisional capital. The provincial office of Gyeongsangnam-do Province was used as the presidential residence, which has continued to remain as a monument that contains the history of Busan today.

A full list of scenic sunrise points in Busan

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Just before greeting the New Year, people first plan on a sunrise trip. Busan, surrounded by the South and East Seas and their different colors, offers diverse sunrise landscapes. The sun comes up every day in the same way, but it may look different depending on your viewing point. Let’s visit scenic sunrise points in Busan.

A meaningful story tour around the original downtown of Busan

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Themed travel tours can be wonderful. If you’re interested in various themed trips, then a gourmet tour for trying must-visit restaurants, an activity tour for exploring various experiences, and a story tour around the original downtown of Busan would be perfect for you. There are not only many things to eat and see but also various old stories about Busan to hear. The tour takes place across Jung-gu, Seo-gu, Dong-gu, and Yeongdo-gu, and it is especially guided by local seniors who have been residents in these areas for a long time. Let’s take a journey filled with interesting stories that will remind adults of the good old days as they reminisce about the old town of Busan, and give children a meaningful opportunity to gain new experiences.

Namparang Trail Busan Section

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Namparang Trail, which runs from Oryukdo Islets in Busan to Ttangkkeut Village in Haenam, Jeollanam-do, is a 1,463 km long trail on the southern coast of South Korea. The Namparang Trail Busan Section traverses nature and downtown areas of Busan, showing the area’s beautiful trails covering the sea, forests, rivers, downtown areas, and villages. Namparang Trail Busan Section Course 1(23.2km) Oryukdo Sunrise Park – Sinseondae Terrace - WebtoonIbagu-gil – Yoo Chi-hwan Postbox - Choryang Ibagu-gil - Shanghai Street Course 2(19.5km) Taejongdae Park - Gamji Beach – Jeoryeong Coastal Trail – Kangkangee Arts Village - Yeongdodaegyo Bridge - Jagalchi Market Course 3(17.1km) Songdo Beach – Songdo Coast Bollegil Trail - Amnam Park Course 4(21.0km) Morundae Peninsula - Dadaepo Beach – Gowooni Ecological Trail – Jangnim Port Course 5(18.7km) Eulsukdo Island - Myeongji Ocean City – Sinho Park - Sinhohang Port

Jungang Park and Democracy Park

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The Democracy Park and Jungang Park embodies the living spirit and philosophy of patriotic soldiers and democratic spirits. This is where the spirits of the great citizens of Busan who endlessly resisted to protect the country and defend democracy at the heart of confusion rest.

In Search for the Best Views on Busan’s Bridges

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At first, there were points, which then people connected two lonely dots with a bridge. These dots became a line, thus creating a new road. Once the distance between the two points was connected, the people of the two points were finally able to meet anytime and bridge their longing for each other. Busan’s bridges are the children of love and longing for the lonely and the missed. Perhaps, that’s why the gigantic structures of steel and concrete seem to beat with the warmth of the heart. When the night falls, such warmth turns into brilliant colors that create dazzling sceneries of dancing light. We set out in search of the bridges that make Busan what it is.
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