Beautiful everywhere, Dadaepo Beach

Fantastic beach

Beautiful everywhere, Dadaepo Beach
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Dadaepo Beach, where Nakdonggang River and the South Sea meet, allows you to enjoy the beauty of nature with Busan’s sunrise, sunset, and sandy beach.
  • Beautiful everywhere, Dadaepo Beach1
The smoothness of Dadaepo Beach’s soft white sand is thanks to the long weathering period. The unique texture of the sand brushing between the toes provides a refreshing and pleasant sensation. The shallow and warm beach also makes it the perfect play place for children. The colorful toy forklifts and trucks parked on the white sandy beach create a cute scene. Recently, the beach is packed with people paddleboarding or kiteboarding.
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Visitors have increased since the construction of the coastal park and eco exploration route. At the entrance of the beach, the coastal park greets visitors with the largest sunset fountain in the world, presenting a magnificent sight with its colorful lighting, music, and dancing fountain. The fountain show held regularly between the end of April and October awaits night travelers.
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The Gowooni Ecological Trail is where you can see Dadaepo Marsh’s animals and plants. Walk on the trail that connects to the wooden deck to experience the sensation of walking between the sky and ocean. At night, the delicate lighting creates a romantic mood at night, while the vast reed field makes hearts pound during the daytime. You can collect a basketful of clams and crabs in the marsh revealed during the ebb tide. Children and their parents will lose track of time as they dig out clams during the marsh program.
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Another reason people choose Dadaepo Beach as their travel destination is the Morundae Coastal Dulle-gil. Morundae Peninsula, designated as a national geopark, creates a magnificent sight consisting of a thick pine forest and a coastal landscape with unique rock formations. Walk along the coastal trail to see the jade ocean up close.
  • Beautiful everywhere, Dadaepo Beach1
Once the sun starts to set, you have to go out to the beach as it offers the best view of Busan’s most beautiful sunset. A brilliant gold light drops at the center of the ocean, creating art out of the black silhouette of the people. The sunset sprinkled with gold dust is mesmerizing. Let’s go to Dadaepo Beach, the fantastic ocean.

Travel Tips

Operating hours for the Sunset Fountain:
Weekdays 20:00 ~ 20:30/Weekends 20:00 ~ 20:30,21:00 ~ 21:20
Weekdays 19:30 ~ 20:00/Weekends 19:30 ~ 20:00,20:30 ~ 20:50

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  • Address

    14, Morundae 1-gil, Saha-gu, Busan
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  • Closing Dates

    Dadaepo Beach : Open Throughout The Year
    Sunset Fountain: Mondays
  • Hours

    Dadaepo Beach : Every day
    Sunset Fountain : End of April–October (Every Tuesday–Sunday)
  • Service Fees

    Free (except parking fees)
  • Traffic Information

    Walk for 8 min from Exit 2 of Dadaepo Beach Station on Busan Metro Line 1
    Get off Bus 11, 2, 3, 338, 96, 96-1, or 1000 at Dadaepo Beach
    Parking: Dadaepo Beach Parking Lot (charged)
  • Remarks

    Disabled restrooms; disabled parking; wheelchair accessible; non-step bus accessible (Bus 11)
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