Busan International Rock Festival

Busan International Rock Festival
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In the middle of summer, when it’s scorching hot, more and more people gather in a quiet and spacious park called Samnak Eco Park. Suddenly, the front of the grand stage is crowded with excited people. Powerful beats, intense sounds, and vigorous vocals resonate throughout the park, heating the atmosphere. People are stomping along with the rhythm of selections played by music bands. The sound of footsteps also acts as another instrument, causing the atmosphere to reach its zenith. This is one of the scenes of the Busan International Rock Festival in July, in which your body moves with the music.
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The Busan International Rock Festival, which began in 2000, has been recognized as the oldest rock music festival in South Korea. Indie rock bands from all over the country, including Busan and top-notch international and local music bands, participate in the festival. As a result, local and international rock enthusiasts look forward to this event. Why not come and join the two-day music festival? As soon as you enter the extensive, green festival venue of the park, you’ll begin your fantastic music tour.
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Around the rising flag, people express their excitement, jumping up and down and slamming into each other. The way of showing their love for the musicians is even rocky. Are you tired of the daily routine? Come and feel the tremendous energy of the Busan International Rock Festival, which will whisk away all your stress.
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However, this is not all. The festival has just begun. To enjoy it, you should fill your stomach first. Rows of food booths await you, teeming with delicious dishes that stimulate your sight and smell. A glass of beer will quench your thirst, also spicing up the festival.
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Next, you should lay a mat on the lawn to make your own VIP seat. Then, get ready to dance with the music. You can enjoy listening to sweet rock ballads, as you lay on the grass. However, when energetic rock bands play the music that excites you, stand up from your seat and show off your energy, jumping up and down with other people.
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When the sun sets and it gets darker and darker, the festival is heading toward its peak. Colorful lights and firecrackers are combined with music, creating a fantastic scene. Hands waved by the crowd filling the space right before the stage look like rising waves, with shouts and amazing crowd sing-alongs. As you see, this midsummer night festival is made by musicians and audiences together, and it continues even when the night grows late.

7th (Sat) - 8th (Sun) October, 2023

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  • Address

    29-46, Samnak-dong, Sasang-gu, Busan
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  • Hours

    2023. 10.7. ~ 10.8.
  • Traffic Information

    Walk for 16 min from Exit 1 of Gwaebeop Renecite Station on Busan-Gimhae Light Rail Transit
    Get off Bus 123 or 126 at Samnak Eco Park and walk for 7 min
  • Remarks

    Disabled restrooms; disabled parking; wheelchair accessible
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