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Subject Starry Night in Busan Night Festa
Terms and conditions 2023-07-01 08:00 ~ 2023-10-29 23:55 (Proceeding)



Starry Night in Busan: Night Festa, a rare festival exclusive to Busan, will be held from July to October of 2023.
*The “Starry Night in Busan: Night Festa” refers to the period when night tour programs are intensively held in the international tourism city, Busan.
New experiences, visitor healing programs, and the scenic night view of Busan are waiting for you.
Starry Night in Busan: Night Food Terrace

Busan Cinema Center/Rooftop of Haeundae River Cruise

1st event on Saturday, July 1; 2nd event on Sunday, July 2
Rooftop Ticket Box of Haeundae River Cruise

3rd event on Saturday, August 26; 4th event on Sunday, August 27
Eurari Square

5th event on friday, September 8; 6th Saturday, September 9
Yongho Sightseeing Boat Quay

7th event on Saturday, October 7; 8th event on Sunday, October 8

Starry Night in Busan: Night Music Campicnic
Dadaepo Beach Park, Lawn Square 1

1st event on Saturday, August 12 ; 2nd event on Saturday, August 19
Dadaepo Beach Park, Blue Square

3rd event on Saturday, September 9; 4th event on Sunday, October 8
Starry Night in Busan: Night Market

Golden Sunset Bridge (Lotus Wetland of Hwamyeong Eco Park)
1st event from October 7 to 8, 2nd event from October 13 to 15, 3rd event from October 21 to 22, 4th event from October 28 to 29
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