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Vegan Travel to Protect the Earth!

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These days, the importance of the environment is continuously increasing. Therefore, companies and countries are keen on environmental protection for sustainable development. In line with such a movement, eco-friendly travel products are appearing one after another. Introducing a Busan travel course that allows you to travel and protect the Earth: an upcycling experience of making a porpoise doll with recycled cotton made from plastic bottles, getting a discount using multi-use containers instead of disposable items, and plogging to pick up trash while running along Gwangallihaebyeon Beach. So let's go together now!

Unexpected Pleasures Found at Siyaksan Mountain

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Autumn is deepening. The autumn leaves fall on the Baekdudaegan Mountain Range, the largest mountain range in Korea, which begins at Baekdusan Mountain and extends to Jirisan Mountain. Nakdongjeongmaek starts at the foot of Taebaeksan Mountain in the middle of the Baekdudaegan Mountain Range, passes through Juwangsan Mountain, Gajisan Mountain, and continues to the tip of Busan, Dadaepo Morundae Peninsula. Today, I would like to introduce 'Siyaksan Mountain,' which is located at the end of Nakdongjeongmaek Mountain Range and offers the best view of Busan, encompassing the sea, mountains, and rivers.

Time Travel with a Geopark Commentator

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Busan National Geopark, selected as a candidate for UNESCO Global Geopark in December 2020, is Korea's only urban geopark that preserves the unique attraction and geological history of Busan, a maritime city, in the natural scenery of the sea, mountains, and river estuaries. Busan National Geopark has 12 geological attractions: Nakdonggang Estuary, Morundae Peninsula, Dusong Peninsula, Songdo Peninsula, Dudo, Taejongdae Park, Oryukdo Islets, Igidae Cliff, Jangsan Mountain, Geumjeongsan Mountain, Orbicular Gabbro, and Baegyangsan Mountain. Why don't you time-travel with a geopark commentator?

3 Hangover Delicacies that Hit the Spot

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Autumn is deepening. What comes to mind when the cold wind starts to blow? How about hot hangover soup to hit the spot? Every city in the country has its hangover special, and Busan is no exception with several famous hangover delicacies. So why don’t we find out about the Busan hangover delicacies hitting the spot today?

Enjoy the Whole Day at Hwamyeong Eco Park

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Hwamyeong-dong is covered in beautiful colors during the season of roses. In Hwamyeong Rose Garden, which is filled with the delicate fragrance of flowers, more than 50 types of roses are in full bloom, offering a unique spectacle. In addition, you can enjoy picnics and bicycle riding to enjoy the season's freshness at Hwamyeong Eco Park, which is full of greenery.

Skyline Luge Busan

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Enter Skyline Luge, an activity that was developed in New Zealand 32 years ago that is accessible to everyone thanks to its simple controls. Sky Ride itself is an exhilarating experience that takes one to untold heights. Don’t be surprised to find yourself wishing for another ride as you step down, and sure enough, there is a reason as to why one should take the Sky Ride multiple times: there are four courses available for your ride down. These courses feature different paths that make each ride special. For a more exciting and thrilling way to enjoy the beauty of the season, go to the OSIRIA theme park for its Skyline Luge experience.

Songdo Marine Sea Car, the Most Refreshing Ocean View!

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How can you enjoy the dazzling sea glistening in the sunlight, strangely shaped rocks, and fresh greenery all at once? It's Songdo Sea Cable Car(Busan Air Cruise)! Ride with family, lovers, friends, children, and anyone else to enjoy Songdo Sea Cable Car, as it thrillingly cuts through the sky, and feel excited.

Club D Oasis

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Summer is hot and humid this year. It's the season when you want to go for a cool swim. A water park has opened in Busan where you can enjoy playing with cool water and an open ocean view. Let me introduce Club D Oasis, a premium water club with a spa and infinity pool!

Uam-dong Urban Forest

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Remember Sebastian and Mia’s popular dance symbol overlooking the gorgeous city lights from the movie La La Land? What if you were to discover the same place in Busan?

2023 Baby Shark Busan Festival < Hello, Busan! >

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Did you see Pinkfong Baby Shark, who made a surprise appearance in the Suyeonggang River in front of APEC Naru Park on July 1? On this day, various events were held on the outdoor stage of APEC Naru Park, along with the opening ceremony of the 2023 Baby Shark Busan Festival . We enjoyed various events and music, such as Baby Shark Face Painting, Pinkfong Dance Party, Kids Magic Bubble Show, and Mini Concert. You can meet the cute Pinkfong Baby Shark at APEC Naru Park for one month until July 31. Do not miss out on Pinkfong Baby Shark. Hurry up before the baby shark returns home and leaves the Suyeonggang River!

The Colorful and Charming Busan Lotus Lantern Festival

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There are so many special days in May, the month of family. There are Children's Day, Parents' Day, Teacher's Day, Coming of Age Day, and Buddha's Birthday. The Lotus Lantern Culture Festival of the Busan Lotus Lantern Festival was held at Songsanghyeon Plaza from April 28 to May 14. Colorful and charming lotus lanterns lit the pretty lights and beautifully embroidered the city. The Busan Lotus Lantern Festival leaves Yeondeunghoe and the Lotus Lantern Parade that will be held on the evening of May 20. Waiting for the upcoming events, I will tell you all about the Lotus Lantern Culture Festival held at Songsanghyeon Plaza. ** Busan Lotus Lantern Festival Schedule Yeondeunghoe: May 20, 2023, at 6 pm, Busan Citizens Park Lotus Lantern Parade: May 20, 2023, at 7:30 pm (Busan Citizens Park - Hamajeong Junction - Yangjeong Junction - Songsanghyeon Plaza)

Busan Modern and Contemporary History Museum Annex Transformed Into a Wonderful Cultural Complex

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The area around Jung-gu, Busan, where the Gukje Market, the Bosu Book Alley, and the Provisional Capital Memorial Hall are located, is a living history textbook that fully embraces Busan's modern and contemporary history. In particular, the Busan Modern History Museum, which was used as the Mokpo Branch of the Oriental Development Company during the Japanese colonial period, is a symbolic space of Busan's modern and contemporary history and is the center of Busan's historical excursions. Busan is in the process of transforming the Busan Modern History Museum and the former Bank of Korea Busan headquarters building right next to it into the 'Busan Modern and Contemporary History Museum.' The Busan Modern History Museum opened after its renovation as the 'Busan Modern and Contemporary History Museum Annex.' So let's go to the annex of the Busan Modern and Contemporary History Museum, which has been transformed into a cultural complex.

Seomyeon Art Museum

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Walk into a beautiful art space and complete an artwork at the Seomyeon Art Museum. Take great photos with your friends or your significant partner at the Seomyeon Museum, which changes its interior design each quarter with different themes. Even though taking photos is allowed in exhibition halls but still need to ensure mute your camera so as not to disturb other visitors. The exhibition space has a photo zone alongside the artworks. It is a lot of fun to enjoy the unique artworks placed in each artist’s fantastically decorated room. The unique artworks and writings placed throughout the museum will make you exciting! Visit Seomyeon Museum if you want to experience a new exhibition culture.

Like a spring breeze: A drive down Busan City Tour's Blue Line

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**Blue Line is not available since December 14th. Now that the social distancing requirements for COVID-19 have been lifted across Korea, domestic tourism is slowly returning to the Korean peninsula. Indeed, Busan Tourism Organization plans to resume the operation of the Busan City Tour Blue Line (Haeundae - Gijang) for the first time in 2 years. This itinerary includes beautiful seas and family-friendly tourist sites. Busan City Tour Drive Course Yonghoman Sightseeing Boat Terminal (start) Gwangandaegyo Bridge Haeundae Baech (transfer) Moontan Road (Beach Train) ASEAN Culture House Songjeong Beach OSIRIA Station Haedong Yonggungsa Temple (Maritime & Fisheries Science Museum) Ananti Cove (Hilton Busan) Jukdo Island (Yeonhwa-ri) OSIRIA Theme Park (luge) Lotte Premium Outlets Dongbusan (Lotte World Adventure Busan) Busan National Science Museum Songjeong Station Gwangandaegyo Bridge Yonghoman Sightseeing Boat Terminal (end)

CGV DRIVE-IN Yeongdo: An Outdoor Theater in Nature

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The days are getting longer, so it's a perfect time to enjoy a late evening drive. Moreover, the new drive-in theater in Yeongdo is worth the drive alone. You can see a movie at CGV DRIVE-IN Yeongdo, where the red sunset and the refreshing sound of the waves create a unique film-watching experience.
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