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Ami-dong Tombstone Culture Village, a hope built on the cemetery

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Busan used to be surrounded by mountains with rare plains. During the Japanese occupation, the livable flatland and reclaimed land around the original downtown were developed as Japanese territory. Meanwhile, dockworkers and outsiders from other areas who came here to seek jobs-built shacks along the mountain slopes to settle down. After the Korean War outbreak, refugees flocked to Busan and began to settle down at higher up the mountains. Mangyang-ro is a long mountainside road from Seo-gu to Busanjin-gu through Jung-gu and Dong-gu of Busan. It contains narrow and maze-like alleyways, endless steep stairs, and a dense cluster of buildings. A winding upward path leads to another winding downward path. Like its shape, the mountainside road encompasses Busan’s modern and contemporary history in conjunction with the joys and sorrows of the common people.

Busan Aquarium, where you can see, smell, hear, and feel the sea

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Haeundae Beach first comes to mind when people think about Busan. However, if you find the sun-drenched and hot white sand a bit burdensome, or if you prefer a cool breeze of an air-conditioner indoors,you can visit Busan Aquarium in Haeundae Beach, where you will surely enjoy your holiday. Sea Life Busan Aquarium introduces you to the incredible world of more than 10,000 marine creatures with over 250 species. It presents a spectacular sight consisting of 8 theme zones, an 80m long submarine tunnel, and 2 main aquariums.

Top 3 Hanok Cafes to Enjoy in Busan

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Busan is becoming a new mecca of coffee with cafes of various styles and tastes. Since there are so many hip cafes, quiet and relaxing cafes, and extra-large cafes in the city, choosing which one to go can be a challenge. Among them are those with a theme of hanok. Hanoks, or Korean traditional houses, are known to lend an air of tranquility and relaxation. I have recently visited a number of cafes with a hanok interior, and found them to be an excellent place of relaxation.

Walk around Hoedong Reservoir, a place that embraces eternal nature

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The Hoedong Reservoir is a large area that combines rivers, lakes, and forests. It has long been untouched by people and, thus, expresses an intact nature. Its two trails, Ttangmoesan Mountain Red Clay Forest Trail and Galmaetgil Trail, and its hinoki cypress forest are famous “healing spots” beloved by many city dwellers who love to walk in the woods.

Shinsegae Centum City Department Store

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Located in Centum City, Haeundae, Shinsegae Department Store seeks to provide a comfortable shopping space based on the themes of meeting people and taking a break. It also offers the convenience of global shopping by providing currency exchange, interpretation, tax refunds, and other services for foreigners.

Sajik Baseball Stadium is a “small Busan” filled with passion and energy.

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Baseball comes first in Busan because its people are unusually big fans of the sport. The Sajik Baseball Stadium—home of the Lotte giants, the most popular baseball club—features a unique cheering culture embodying their one-of-a-kind love for baseball.

Walking along Shanghai Street in Busan

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Shanghai Street is Busan’s largest Chinese residential area, located in Choryang-dong, Dong-gu, Busan. During the Japanese occupation, Chinese people moved to this location and formed the residential area. The ancient Chinese Consulate was situated here as well. Shanghai Street was designated as Korea’s only Chinatown Special Zone in 2007.

Walk along the sea and mountain of Busan

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Walk along the Haeundae Beach deep in thought while looking out at the open sea to reach the cozy Dongbaekseom Island located at the end. Formerly an island, the coastal trail is now connected to the land through years of sedimentation. The people of Busan, however, still refer to the place as Dongbaekseom Island.

Autumn songs sung by reeds and silvergrass

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It is autumn when the sky is high, and horses grow fat. The quiver of excitement cannot be hidden upon looking at the clear sky and feeling the cool breeze. On a day when you want to walk and relax, why not enjoy autumn’s flavors through Busan’s reeds and silvergrass in every corner?

Sunset and night views of Busan during autumn

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It is a nice day where the sky is high and clear with the gentle feeling of a cool breeze touches your face. Yet, we try to be safe during the present situation of the COVID-19 pandemic despite the perfect weather for a picnic. How about going for a drive when it gets dark after sunset? It’s the best time to enjoy the fantastic view of the sunset and spectacular night views of Busan.

Ilgwang Beach, the past and present of the Busan Sea

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Ilgwang Beach loved by the people of Busan. Ilgwang Beach, considered one of the Eight Sights of Gijang, used to have the old pine forest along the coastline. It was one of the magnificent sights viewed by famous people, including Jeong Mong-ju, since the Goryeo period. Ilgwang Beach is located in Samseong-ri, Ilgwang-myeon. The name of Samseong-ri originated from Samseongdae, which comes from the old word “saemseokdae,” a combination of the words “mineral spring” and “the place where ships are docked.” Today, the middle mound of the sandy beach is referred to as the “samseongdae.”

Encountering Busan, the wartime capital filled with joys and sorrows of refugees

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On June 25, 1950, the Korean War began with a surprise attack on neighboring South Korea at dawn. Unprepared to fight, South Korea lost its capital, Seoul, in three days after the war broke out. The South Korean government had no option but to retreat and declared Busan as the wartime capital on August 18, 1950. Although it has been almost 70 years since then, Busan still has traces of the war. Let us follow these historical traces filled with joys and sorrows. Wartime Capital Trail Tombstone Cultural Village - Cloud Observatory – Choi Min-Shik Gallery – Train House Artistic Cultural Experience Ground - Provisional Capital Memorial Hall – Seokdang Museum

Geumgang Park and Botanical Garden in harmony with old and new

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Before the Busan Citizens Park was created, Geumgang Park and Geumgang Botanical Garden were the most famous with which the majority of Busan citizens have a special memory. The place was once owned by a Japanese merchant who made a part of Geumjeongsan Mountain into his own private garden. But after the liberation of Korea, it was designated as “Geumgang Park.” The name “Geumgang” originated from the time when people said Geumjeongsan Mountain was as beautiful as Geumgangsan Mountain and so called it "Sogeumggang (small Geumgang).

A meaningful story tour around the original downtown of Busan

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Themed travel tours can be wonderful. If you’re interested in various themed trips, then a gourmet tour for trying must-visit restaurants, an activity tour for exploring various experiences, and a story tour around the original downtown of Busan would be perfect for you. There are not only many things to eat and see but also various old stories about Busan to hear. The tour takes place across Jung-gu, Seo-gu, Dong-gu, and Yeongdo-gu, and it is especially guided by local seniors who have been residents in these areas for a long time. Let’s take a journey filled with interesting stories that will remind adults of the good old days as they reminisce about the old town of Busan, and give children a meaningful opportunity to gain new experiences.

Lotte Premium Outlets Dongbusan Branch, Let’s Go Shopping and Have Fun!

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The refreshing white-and-blue facade and the lighthouse-shaped observatories are the landmarks of the Lotte Premium Outlets Dongbusan Branch. More than 500 famous domestic and foreign brands are available in this outlet, and there is also a children’s theme park where you can have fun with your kids. Although it may not be as grand as an amusement park, it has a spacious area, plenty of rest facilities, and a beautiful outdoor landscape, adding a unique charm to your shopping experience.

Must-eat places in Haeundae Market as seen on TV shows

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Haeundae Market, located within a 5 min walking distance from Haeundae Beach, is a paradise where people can try out various types of food and visit different kinds of places.
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