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Yongdusan Park, a reason to travel to Busan

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I visit Busan because of Yongdusan Park! That’s right. Yongdusan Park is enough reason to visit Busan these days. If Haeundae is the hot spot of east Busan, Nampo-dong is the most popular place in central Busan. Yongdusan Park is a leading landmark of Busan frequented by those who visit the region.

To the peak of Jangsan Mountain that overlooks Marine City and Gwangandaegyo Bridge

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Jangsan Mountain, overlooking the southern sea, is a towering natural wonder, with a wide range of hiking trails. Enjoy a 3 hr outing to the peak of Jangsan Mountain while appreciating the scenic view of Haeundae Marine City and Gwangandaegyo Bridge.

Busan Citizens Park is back to provide places to help citizens have a relaxing time.

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Military camp and park—these two words do not match well together. However, there is a place where a military camp is reborn as a park, namely Busan Citizens Park. For 70 years after the liberation in South Korea, this place had been called the “US Army Camp Hialeah,” but now it’s back as a resting area for people in Busan.

Fishing Villages: Best Relaxing Getaways in Busan

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Busan is famous for its diverse natural resources. Although it is a big city full of high-rise buildings, Busan is also close to the sea, rivers, mountains, and its amazing natural scenery will make your trip more interesting. If you are ready to explore different, you should check out Gadeokdo Island. Even Busan locals are not fully familiar with this island, but it has unique scenery that will change your perception of Busan as a big city. In particular, fishing villages in every corner of Gadeokdo Island are the best spots to relax after a tiring day.

Autumn songs sung by reeds and silvergrass

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It is autumn when the sky is high, and horses grow fat. The quiver of excitement cannot be hidden upon looking at the clear sky and feeling the cool breeze. On a day when you want to walk and relax, why not enjoy autumn’s flavors through Busan’s reeds and silvergrass in every corner?

BTS Pilgrimage to Jimin’s Hometown, Geumjeong-gu, Busan

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BTS ranked top on the Billboard charts, won a Grammy award, and had 62 concerts (Love Yourself / Speak Yourself) as part of their 2018–19 world tour. BTS has had an astonishing run of setting and breaking records. Jimin is a member of a globally famous idol group BTS, nicknamed the “fan-making fairy.” What did Jimin’s childhood look like? By traveling around Geumjeong-gu, Jimin’s hometown, you’ll find the traces of Jimin, who is known as the “fan attractor” among the BTS members. Jimin Tour Course Hoedong Maru(Former Hoedong Elementary School) – Dadaepo Beach - Sunset Fountain of Dreams

A small world as diverse as the aroma of a coffee, Jeonpo Café Street and Jeonpogonggu-gil Street!

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Jeonpo Cafe Street became more famous after being selected in The New York Times’ 52 World Destinations of the Year in 2017. Connected to the street, Jeonpogonggu-gil Street is lined with alleys of different colors. The deserts and coffees of the shops filling the narrow alleys are as diverse as their colorful buildings. You can also enjoy various food in Jeonpo Café Street and Jeonpogonggu-gil Street. Walking along Seomyeon Street, Busan’s busiest street, you’ll find a school building and playground called “Norimaru.” Once you arrive at this place, you’re near. Take a look at the buildings next to it, and you’ll notice Jeonpo Cafe Street.

Must-visit tourist attractions! Great places to take your kids

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Parents always know what's best for their children. Whenever and wherever it would be, this will not change. Busan—the perfect place for parents to visit with their children.

Searching for the best rose gardens hidden all over Busan

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Although May is first thought as the month for families, it is also the season of roses with various meanings in the language of flowers. Let us find out the best rose gardens hidden on every corner of Busan.

Eulsukdo Island, a beautiful cultural feast with migratory birds

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It is a place where the main stem of the Nakdonggang River and the seawater of the South Sea intersects with each other, an ecological repository of rich soil and freshwater fish and shells, and a large-size winter home to migratory birds looking for enough food. Let’s visit Eulsukdo Island, one of Busan’s most beautiful islands.

Samnak Eco Park with different charms throughout the four seasons

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Samnak Eco Park is located on the large Samnak-dong riverside near the stem of the peacefully running Nakdonggang River. It reaches 4,722,000 m2, attracting people with its changing charms between seasons. In particular, the park that functions as the lungs of Busan provides an opportunity to observe diverse vegetation, including wetlands. You can directly experience each characteristic of this natural ecosystem from a cherry blossom colony and common reed complex, to a wildflower colony, making you realize how to preserve and manage our ecosystem.

A night scape tour in Busan

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Busan provides various night views city lights, bridge lights over the sea, lit up skyscrapers, and tons of lights that dot the mountainside road. Let’s go on a tour around the romantic night view spots full of Busan’s unique colors.

Hwangnyeongsan Trail, a forest trail in the center of Busan

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It’s a great trail to enjoy the forest bathing in the center of the city while taking a stroll along the hillside of Hwangnyeongsan Mountain. As it spans the four boroughs of Busan, it takes about five to six hours to travel there. If you’re not confident with walking along the ridges, you can choose one or two of the divided sections. They are connected like spider webs, so trekking by section will not be difficult.

Millak Waterside Park, romance by the sea in Gwangalli

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The first place to catch the sea breeze. The closest place to encounter the spectacular night view of the Marine City and Gwangandaegyo Bridge. Millak Waterside Park, a popular summer retreat for the public. Opened in 1997, the Millak Waterside Park has been loved by Busan’s citizens since even before the establishment of the Marine City and Gwangandaegyo Bridge. With an open view of the endless sea and blue skies, the park has served as a relaxation space for everyone while the surrounding environment has kept changing with the times.

Enjoy Busan through bike tours.

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Busan encompasses the sea, mountains, and rivers. Thanks to this natural environment, Busan can offer various experience programs tailored to people’s preferences. In particular, riding a bicycle along rivers and streams in Busan is another way of enjoying the city. Of course, to enjoy Busan by bike, you must have one. Do not worry if you do not have your own. A total of 12 public bicycle rental services are available free of charge or at an affordable price in different venues, such as Samnak, Hwamyeong, Maekdo, Daejeo Eco Parks, Spo1 Park, Jwasuyeonggyo Bridge, Eulsukdo Island, Oncheonjang Station, Oncheoncheon Park, and Millak-dong. Let us introduce the top five riding spots in Busan that are loved by riders.

Busan Modern History Museum faces the modern history of Busan

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The Japanese occupation is the painful history of the Republic of Korea. Busan, which was a bridgehead for Japan’s invasion of the continent, still retains the traces of the suffering left by Japan. Busan Modern History Museum tells the tumultuous history of Busan, urging us not to forget the brutal experiences.
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