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In Search for the Best Views on Busan’s Bridges

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At first, there were points, which then people connected two lonely dots with a bridge. These dots became a line, thus creating a new road. Once the distance between the two points was connected, the people of the two points were finally able to meet anytime and bridge their longing for each other. Busan’s bridges are the children of love and longing for the lonely and the missed. Perhaps, that’s why the gigantic structures of steel and concrete seem to beat with the warmth of the heart. When the night falls, such warmth turns into brilliant colors that create dazzling sceneries of dancing light. We set out in search of the bridges that make Busan what it is.

Namparang Trail Busan Section

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Namparang Trail, which runs from Oryukdo Islets in Busan to Ttangkkeut Village in Haenam, Jeollanam-do, is a 1,463 km long trail on the southern coast of South Korea. The Namparang Trail Busan Section traverses nature and downtown areas of Busan, showing the area’s beautiful trails covering the sea, forests, rivers, downtown areas, and villages. Namparang Trail Busan Section Course 1(23.2km) Oryukdo Sunrise Park – Sinseondae Terrace - WebtoonIbagu-gil – Yoo Chi-hwan Postbox - Choryang Ibagu-gil - Shanghai Street Course 2(19.5km) Taejongdae Park - Gamji Beach – Jeoryeong Coastal Trail – Kangkangee Arts Village - Yeongdodaegyo Bridge - Jagalchi Market Course 3(17.1km) Songdo Beach – Songdo Coast Bollegil Trail - Amnam Park Course 4(21.0km) Morundae Peninsula - Dadaepo Beach – Gowooni Ecological Trail – Jangnim Port Course 5(18.7km) Eulsukdo Island - Myeongji Ocean City – Sinho Park - Sinhohang Port

Jungang Park and Democracy Park

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The Democracy Park and Jungang Park embodies the living spirit and philosophy of patriotic soldiers and democratic spirits. This is where the spirits of the great citizens of Busan who endlessly resisted to protect the country and defend democracy at the heart of confusion rest.

UN Memorial Cemetery in Korea, the land remembered by people all around the world

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Flowers are offered to this place in June, the Memorial Month. The floral tribute is intended to remember the fallen soldiers and war veterans during the Korean War and express a desire for a peaceful world without war.

Busan yacht tour, offering an exciting experience in your life

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The sea of Busan has endless charms! There are numerous ways to enjoy the sea of Busan as well as its diverse beaches. Busan, the birthplace of Korea’s marine sports, has a large-scale yacht berthage and holds an international yacht race. You may have thought that yachting isn’t for you. However, yachting has become a unique, public experience activity in Busan, which provides a variety of yacht tour programs.

Bosu Book Street: Put a bookmark in your mind

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A way back in time Put a bookmark in your mind in the Bosu Book Street

The Unexpected Charms of Busan Travel Destinations!

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Night is a time of rest for travelers as they run out of energy from walking all day while enjoying things and tasting food. After a leisurely dinner and dessert, tourists don’t feel like doing anything. Anyone would also be exhausted by the end of the day with the currently hot weather. When you are in Busan, however, you have to enjoy nightlife. Unexpected fun is hidden all over Busan, and many travel destinations in the province are even more gorgeous at night. You’ll only experience half of Busan if you miss out on nightlife. As such, let’s travel to destinations that are completely different during the day and the night like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Recall the history with Forty Stairs

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What happened to the traveler who cried on the flight of the Forty Stairs away from their sweet home? The Forty Stairs was a shelter for the refugees who yearned to go back to their hometown. Climb the 40 steps to experience what life’s sorrow must have been like for the refugees. Located nearby Jungang Station of Busan Metro Line 1, the Forty Stairs became the center of the lives of the refugees gathered from all over the country to the old Busan Station building. The Forty Stairs served as the passage that connected Busanhang Port’s dock to the shantytown on the hillside, a square where separated families met, and a market for selling relief items. There used to be a saying called “Let’s meet by the Forty Stairs in Busan,” and some waited by the stairs believing these words. The Forty Stairs is a place that contains the sorrows of a refugee’s burdensome life around Busan Station.

At Jagalchi Market, Oiso (Come), Boiso (See), and Saiso (Buy)!

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“Oiso (Come), Boiso (See), and Saiso (Buy)!” is a famous phrase that represents the Jagalchi Market. Along with the nearby Gukje Market and the Bupyeong Kkangtong Market, the Jagalchi Market is Busan’s main traditional market. Let’s discover one of Korea’s largest fish markets, the Jagalchi Market!

A path where the sky and the sea meet, Yeondaebong Peak on Gadeokdo Island!

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Gadeokdo Island, whose name came from its abundance of bonnet bellflower roots called deodeok, is the largest island in Busan. However, it is also a strange place for some people because it is located at the west end of Busan, and is said to have been inhabited since the New Stone Age. Historically, it had a long ill-fated relationship with Japan from the Japanese invasion of Korea to the Japanese occupation. In addition, Yeondaebong Peak, the highest point of the island, has firmly embraced its heartbreaking history until today.

Amisan Observatory: Where the river meets the ocean

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The Nakdonggang River cuts through the Yeongnam region. The sandy area right before the river meets with the South Sea, forming a vast delta triangle of rich soil. Downstream the Nakdonggang River is home to numerous migratory birds enjoying rich food and clear water. Visit the Amisan Observatory to view a fantastic landscape where the river meets the ocean.

Nakdong River Eco Tour Cruise, an exciting ecological tour along the Nakdonggang River!

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Busan is blessed with natural resources composed of the sea, mountains, and the river. Recently, the Nakdong River Eco Tour Cruise is becoming a popular attraction of Busan.

Dalmajigil Road and Moontan Road for the sunrise and moonrise

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The starting point of Haeundae Sampogil Road and the road that connects Galmaetgil Trail 1 to Galmaetgil Trail 2. A popular driving course of Busan with beautiful a moonrise. A road with a view of the blue ocean during the day and the moonlight at night. If Paris has Montmartre Hill, Busan has the Dalmajigil Road.

Gukje Market bustling with energy

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There is an expression in Busan that says, “It’s like a Dottaegi Market,” which means “a loud and bustling atmosphere,” Dottaegi, the old name of Gukje Market, is crowded and full of energy, items, and people.

Sajik Baseball Stadium is a “small Busan” filled with passion and energy.

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Baseball comes first in Busan because its people are unusually big fans of the sport. The Sajik Baseball Stadium—home of the Lotte giants, the most popular baseball club—features a unique cheering culture embodying their one-of-a-kind love for baseball.

Walk along the sea and mountain of Busan

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Walk along the Haeundae Beach deep in thought while looking out at the open sea to reach the cozy Dongbaekseom Island located at the end. Formerly an island, the coastal trail is now connected to the land through years of sedimentation. The people of Busan, however, still refer to the place as Dongbaekseom Island.
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