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Title Visit Busan and Enjoy Year-round Dynamic Festivals

The City of Busan has announced its festival schedule for 2020.

Busan, the city of festivals, holds approximately 40 festivals annually.

2020 Busan Festival Schedule

33rd Polar Bear Swim Festival - January 4-5, Haeundae Beach

38th Haeundae Dalmaji Oncheon Festival - February 6-8, Haeundae Beach

20th Sasang Riverside Festival – March 28-29, rugby field at Samnak Ecological Park

Samnak Cherry Blossom Festival – March 28, Samnak Ecological Park

Daejeo Tomato Festival – April 4-5, Gangseo Sports Park

Nakdong Riverside Yuchae Flower Festival - April, Daejeo Ecological Park

The 11th Gijang Sea Mustard, Sea Tangle Festival – April 17-19, Idong harbor in Ilgwang-myeon, Gijang-gun

24th Gijang Anchovy Festival – April 23-26, Daebyeon harbor in Gijang

2020 Gwangalli Fishing Village Festival - April 24 - 26, Gwangalli Beach

Gamcheon Culture Village Festival – May, Gamcheon Culture Village

2020 Joseon Tongsinsa Festival - May 1-3, around Gwangbok-ro, Jung-gu

The 9th Nakdong River Guponaru Festival – May 22-24, Hwamyeong Ecological Park

2020 Geumjeongsanseong Festival – May 22-24, Geumjeongsanseong Fortress Plaza

2020 Haeundae Sand Festival - May 22-24, Haeundae Beach

2020 Busan Alleyway Festival – May 9-10, Old downtown in Busan (Jung-gu, Seo-gu, Dong-gu, Yeongdo-gu)

2020 Busan Port Festival – May 30-31, around International Passenger Terminal, Korea National Maritime Museum

Taejongsa Temple Hydrangea Festival – June 27-July 5, Taejongsa Temple in Taejongdae Park, Yeongdo-gu

Busan Rock Festival – July 24-25, Samnak Ecological Park

25th Busan Sea Festival – August 1-5, Haeundae Beach, etc.

Myeongji Gizzard Shad Festival – August 25-27, Myeonngji Market in Gangseo-gu

16th Gijang Conger Festival – September 25-27, Shinam port, Gijang-gun

29th Busan Jagalchi Festival – October 8-11, around Jagalchi Market

Dongnae Eupseong History Festival – October 9-11, Plaza of Dongnae Eupseong

28th Yeongdo Bridge Festival – October 9-11, around Yeongdodaegyo Bridge and Bongnae-dong Muryangjang (Lighters Wharf) area

Busan Chinatown Culture Festival 2020 – October 16-18, around Choryang Ibagu-gil

Oryukdo Peace Festival Peace Park in Nam-gu – October 17-18, around Peace Park

Busan Mackerel Festival 2020 – October 23-25, Songdo Fish Market

16th Busan Fireworks Festival – November 7, Gwangalli Beach area

Busan Christmas Tree Festival – November to January, around Gwangbok-ro, Jung-gu

7th Haeundae Lighting Festival – November to January, around Gunam-ro Haeundae Square

The 6th Busan Eomuk (fish cake) Festival – November 27-29, near Dadaepo Sunset Fountain of Dreams

5th Gadeokdo Cod Festival – December 12-13, Daehang port, Gadeokdo, Gangseo-gu

Bell-tolling Ceremony for New Year's 2021 - December 31 - January 1, Yongdusan Park

For more information, please contact the Busan Tourism Promotion Division at (051)888-5222.

*Dates and times are subject to change without prior notice.

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